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Finally, there is a light, breathable liquid foundation that provides proven skin benefits and flawless, natural concealment. Proderma’s unique skin respiratory factor increases oxygen uptake by the skin, resulting in skin anti-aging benefits. The ingredients in our foundation promote blood circulation and skin rejuvenation, reducing redness and fine lines over time. Of the leading brands of foundation, Proderma is the only foundation that has been clinically proven to increase the delivery of oxygen to the skin. In comparison to wearing nothing at all, Proderma foundation increases oxygen delivery threefold, making it a powerful anti-aging treatment when used every day.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, Proderma Breathable Foundations do not suffocate the skin. They provide immediate and effective coverage, while improving the skin beneath to produce improvements for the long term. Proderma is clinically proven to be non-irritating to all skin types. People who suffer sensitive skin, acne, or rosacea can safely and confidently wear our foundations. Our Breathable Acne Foundation is specifically designed to provide coverage while delivering effective acne treatment throughout the day.

Not only is Proderma great for your skin, but it also feels amazing to wear. Our products are luxuriously smooth, weightless, and transfer-proof – you’ll feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all. Our foundation evens out skin tone as it softens and conditions the skin. With Proderma, your skin will look flawless today and even better in the days to come as its effective anti-aging properties take effect.

We designed our foundation not only to be used after cosmetic procedures to conceal bruising, scars, and redness but also as exceptional concealment for every day use. Proderma calms skin inflammation, swelling, and encourages the skin's natural healing process. The effective and safe coverage provided by our foundation allows both patients and regular users to confidently look their best with a silky, flawless appearance.

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delivers powerful anti-aging benefits to the skin while providing beautiful, flawless coverage and concealment. The foundation is formulated with ingredients designed to increase blood circulation and increase the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a more youthful appearance over time. Designed for immediate use after cosmetic procedures, our foundation is also ideal for everyday use.

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provides full skin coverage while treating and preventing acne in women of all ages. Unlike other foundations, Proderma will not suffocate the skin or clog the pores. Our breathable foundation allows your skin to breathe and increases oxygen delivery to the skin, creating an environment in which acne cannot thrive. It is formulated with the safest maximum amount of salicylic acid, a proven acne-fighting ingredient. Our foundation effectively soothes inflamed skin while concealing redness and controlling shine throughout the entire day.

Both of our products will provide coverage for the entire day and are water resistant, perfect for use at the beach or gym! Proderma Breathable Foundations are a great choice for everyday wear or for after a cosmetic procedure. Now you can enjoy flawless coverage, while treating your skin so it can provide you with the lasting beauty you deserve.